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Digital festival comes to Perth as part of Innovation Month
Thursday, 18 April 2013 17:57
Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi welcomed Pause Fest, a unique festival featuring digital video, animations, interactive instillations and presentations to Perth.

Northbridge Piazza will host Pause Fest’s first appearance in Western Australia between April 26 and 28.

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said the digital industry is constantly changing and evolving Pause Fest provides a platform for up-to-the-minute exhibits and presentations.

“Attracting this event to Perth following its success in Melbourne will give our creative industries the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by industry leaders,” Ms Scaffidi said.

“Our City is in the midst of a substantial amount of change and I find the theme of this festival ‘Curiosity Ignites Progress’ very appropriate and a approach we could learn from and apply in many areas.”   

Events will be free of charge, with the community able to explore the different components of the festival including PauseStage, PauseScreen, PauseView and PausePlayground.

Opening night will feature a performance from Ethno Tekh, a collaborative art project between Chris Vik (Synacide) & Brad Hammond (XY01). This installation incorporates software, music and performance in an intriguing manner, which highlights how technology has revolutionised interactive art installations.

International guests include Pablo Alferi, Co-founder and Art Director of renowned motion graphics studio Plenty from Buenos Aires and John Black Sound Designer from cutting edge Cypher Audio studio in Toronto.

Speakers also include Mark Hodgens, Managing Director of internationally famous digital agency TKM9; Rick Chen, Co-founder of crowd-funding platform Pozible; Robyn Fawcett, Digital Marketing Manager at independent music label Shock Records and Foo Chi Sung, Managing Director from a global animation and architecture visualization studio squint/opera.
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