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Aug 30

The Brontë Blog - Episode 6: Baking up a storm

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Meet Catarina Hebbard: our Brontë  assistant director.

Cat won't tell you this - but she is one of the most amazing people you are ever likely to meet, and Brontë has been blessed for her being on board. She's a great cook too!

Above: Cat (middle) thinks with things over with director, Sue Rider (right), and costume designer, Carolyn Taylor-Smith (left)

I was so excited when the girls (Kath, Bec & Hannah) told me about the production and I mentioned that I was interested in being involved and would love to AD... they told me to put in my CV.....and here we are. I am still excited and amloving this show.

What does an AD do? You might well ask.... Well that is open to interpretation! There are many different opinions, believe me I know, I asked around and did some research. So, out of all of that came what I perceive to be my role.

Cat runs warm ups

Assistant Director - Being an assistant - helping and supporting,  another eye in the room, I love to bake, working with individual actors while the director is working on different scenes, baking or feeding the hoards, keeping a keen eye on the script (whilst the SM is madly noting the blocking), making cups of tea, fruit platters..., sharing ideas with the director, shortbread, observing, listening, talking, sharing, challenging, attending production meetings, being a good communicator, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with, oh and did I mention, I love to bake?

It's an interesting role and an amazing process. There are nights when you can see that things are not working, but how do you translate what is in your head to the actors on stage? I think that is what makes a great director is being able to give a word or explain a feeling that can pinpoint what it is that need to be changed or tweaked slightly.

Above: Cat works with actors Kevin Spink, Rebecca Roberts, and Kerith Atkinson

The most amazing feeling is having an idea and being able to get that across and then seeing the actors take that idea and make it their own. All of these things are made so much easier when you have a cast who extremely talented, constantly striving to are committed, and work hard.

Obviously, the buck doesn't stop with the AD; however, in this show, our Director, Sue Rider, has encouraged my ideas. My contributions have been valued and respected, so I feel as though I have been an integral part of this team. It's a wonderful feeling to work on a production where people are respected for their work.  This has been an experience, a delight, occasionally frustrating... entertaining and most of all scintillating. This show will knock your socks off!!!

So to all aspiring ADs - you are an assistant, so assist and support wherever you can!...Oh and learning to bake always helps!!!

Love your work Cat!

See you all at the show!

Kathryn Marquet -

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