Saturday, 19 August 2017
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Metanoia Theatre Presents Wages of Fear

For their ultimate work at Brunswick’s Mechanics Institute, Metanoia Theatre has chosen a fitting finale—presenting a rare stage adaptation of Georges Arnaud’s remarkable 1950 novel Wages of Fear. This landmark thriller, which was adapted into the iconic 1950s film, is imprinted on the imagination of multiple generations.

A compelling and provocative tale of utter terror and suspense, Wages of Fear spins the thriller genre on its head. The story seems simple; two men living lives of bleak despair in a slowly dying outback town are offered an irresistible pay-day by an unscrupulous oil company. All they must do, is transport a load of deadly nitroglycerine on a perilous journey fraught with obstacles and pitfalls, to a destination that remains ever out of reach.

Metanoia is currently celebrating their fourth year as a theatre company by taking their unique brand of diverse theatre performances out on the road with the goal of reaching out to new audiences by staging works at venues and sites in and around Melbourne and beyond. Metanoia is wrapping up programming their eighth season at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute with Wages of Fear.

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