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From Door To Door
Written by Selma Nadarajah   
Saturday, 03 March 2007 09:05
From Door To Door
The Jewish mother has somewhat become a stereotype in entertainment. The portrayal of the overbearing matriarch, who steadfastly drills in to her offspring the crucial importance of retaining the Jewish tradition, has been widely represented in literature, film and theatre.
Matthew Bournes Swan Lake
Written by Selma Nadarajah   
Sunday, 25 February 2007 03:18
Swan Lake
Swan Lake is a bold, dynamic and clever interpretation. Bourne throws in elements of jazz, modern dance, Latin (including an energetic paso doble set to Tchaikovsky’s Spanish Dance) as well as ballroom and folk.
Circus Girl | The Flying Fruit Fly Circus
Written by Tessa Needham   
Wednesday, 21 February 2007 04:08
Circus Girl
Young girls tumble across the stage, flip over and over, handle enormous numbers of hula hoops, stand on large balls, and fly, twirl and spin through the air. And this is only the overture.
10 Days on Earth | Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes
Written by Aleksei Wechter   
Friday, 16 February 2007 09:58
10 Days on Earth
Burkett is undoubtedly a master of guiding his cast through all matter of human (and otherwise) gesture, but the real magic is his ability to convey characters across his player puppets.
Short and Sweet
Written by Sarah Doyle   
Tuesday, 27 February 2007 09:01
Short and Sweet
Short & Sweet offers a good opportunity for theatre dramatists to have their work seen by the general public, to be validated as artists, to practice and grow in their craft.
A Midsummer Nights Dream | RAW-EM Theatre Co
Written by Jack Teiwes   
Saturday, 24 February 2007 09:49
A Midsummer Nights Dream
Nothing quite adds a sense of reality to a “night in the woods” like a diegetic thrum of real cicadas. At one point a chorus of kookaburras struck up, as if perfectly on cue to provide a fanfare for Titania’s entrance!
Boston Marriage | Darlinghurst Theatre
Written by Brett Casben   
Saturday, 17 February 2007 05:25
Boston Marriage
Boston Marriage, performing at the Darlinghurst Theatre depicts two deliciously etched bitches with one thing on their mind. It’s not the same in each case, however.
Mojo | Phantom Management
Written by Jack Teiwes   
Saturday, 10 February 2007 04:01
Detailing the travails of an inept handful of (very) small-time mobsters who run afoul of the real thing, Mojo gives us an entertaining vision of a 1958 London obsessed with imported Rock & Roll and American fashions, yet still profoundly British almost to the point of caricature.

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