Smart Casual | Tuggeranong Arts CentreA great energy filled Canberra's southern heartland tonight as local comedians warmed up a more-casual-than-smart audience for Smart Casual. Jokes about bogans (and boganism) predictably abounded, and were well-recieved by their targets. As well as these almost-obligatory barbs there were quite a few gems, particularly from the very sharp-witted Tom Gibson.

Headliners tonight were Smart Casual, a two piece musical comedy act who've been doing the rounds of festivals and national radio in recent months. They've been gaining a bit of a name for themselves as having just a bit of an edge on a style of comedy that can be a real hit-and-miss affair, and it's easy to see why; they take themselves seriously enough to get it right, but not so seriously that they lose their connection with the audience.

Smart Casual have a slow, laconic humour about them that is at once irritating and endearing. You don't feel you can be terribly critical of them, because they're so personable and relatable, but, like Flight of the Conchords, their laconic, at times sardonic, humour is a bit of an acquired taste. Luckily it doesn't take long to acquire a taste for it, and if they achieve nothing else, at least they've given the comedy scene a bit of a shake-up.

A great show, and a real coup for Tuggeranong to welcome such an act to town. The monthly comedy shows in the south look like they're here to stay.

Smart Casual

Venue: Tuggeranong Arts Centre, 137 Reed Street, Greenway
Date: August 3, 2010
Time: 8.00pm
Tickets: $10 each (alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks available)
Bookings: 6293 1443 (Mon – Fri 9am - 5p)