Last night Metro Arts unveiled its 2012 program, packed with performances, exhibitions and ongoing projects that support and nurture independent artists across all artforms.

Metro Arts’ 2012 season of The Independents begins in March with The Raven, where Laura Kwaitkowski and Thomas Quirk create an intimate and sensory theatre experience inspired by the literary work of Edgar Allen Poe, the ghosts that haunted his dreams and the fears that riddled his writing.

In April, stop-motion animation, movement and puppetry combine to unpack a humorous and tender story of addition drawn from the experiences of the LGBTIQ communities lead by Sunny Drake. Shortly after, Brisbane luminary Margi Brown Ash will crawl beneath the skin of Australian novelist and poet Eve Langley, a woman caught between the domestic and artistic, to present the aptly titled Eve in the Sue Benner Theatre.

He’s Seeing Other People Now by emerging playwright and recent Underbelly Razor star Anna McGahan returns to The Independents next year in July, with Melanie Wild in the director’s seat. In September, The Danger Ensemble brings it home with Loco Maricon Amor, where two of the most defining artists of our age - Federico Garcia Lorce and Salvador Dali - will meet and fall in a kind-of-love in a dance of passion, art, death and volition.

The Escapists continue their unique approach to storytelling and turn their gaze towards that strange and wonderful landscape on the city’s fringe with Suburbia. Sandro Colarelli joins forces with John Rodgers, Stephen Carleton and David Fenton to evoke a story of Empire possession, demonic exorcism and a song for a glass harmonica in Christie, while Genevieve Trace’s Aurelian explores the multiplicity of memory, the negation of histories and the manifestation of truth.

FreeRange, Metro Arts’ month-long creative development hothouse, leaps into its seventh year in June and will continue to evolve and explode, encouraging artists to bust through genres and break up artforms in the search for new ideas. With additional Australia Council for the Arts funding, the smash hit from FreeRange 2010 and 2011, CROSS-STITCH, will continue to flourish throughout the year, providing more opportunities for emerging artistic directors.


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