The Funatorium: Mad Hatter's Tea PartyThe Funatorium: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is as mad as the March Hare and puts the Tea in terrific. From the moment you walk through the doors at the Sydney Opera House you enter a world that is charming, charismatic and tonnes of fun.  As you find your seats and wait for the opening act you will meet some of the wonderful characters from Lewis Carrols Alice in Wonderland.  The Mad Hatter will come, say hello and ask if you like hats, the Cheshire Cat will chat to you about your afternoon and the March Hare will help you find an extra pillow to raise the seat for your little person.  This instantly brings the audience into the show and from there the engagement just gets better.

Eloise Green is the Mad Hatter and she is all kinds of marvellous.  She runs the show with great gusto, her energy pours out of her performance into the teacups.  Her humour keeps the timing of the show and her stage presence captivates the whole audience young and old.  Not to mention she can hula hoop to boot.

The circus skills in this show are truly delightful and are woven perfectly into the Mad Hatters Tea Party.  Balancing acts, acrobatics, feats of human strength and flexibility, magic and so much more are performed seamlessly within the story.  Marianna Joslin plays the Cheshire Cat and her routine on the Aerial Silks brought gasps and giggles from the audience.  Casey Douglas does some extraordinary physical theatre doing acrobatics and handstands with twists that impress and leave you envious of his strength.  The Queen of Hearts even strips down, removing her hair and dress before wowing you with an aerial rope routine.

The whole time you are watching these amazing feats of human ability you never feel like you are just observing.  The cast are constantly engaging the audience and everyone is a participant. 

Mike Finch, former Circus Oz Artistic Director, has put together a truly spectacular show with an outstanding cast and impressive costume and staging.  This show really does take the cake and will leave audiences delighted and dazzled.

Sydney Opera House
The Funatorium: Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Director Mike Finch

Venue: The Studio | Sydney Opera House NSW
Dates: 7 – 22 January 2017
Tickets: from $29
Bookings: | 9250 7777

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