We Made You | Matt OkineWith so much going on in the world today we need to stop every now and then and remember to laugh. Brisbane Comedy Festival is a perfect prescription to attain such a well needed chuckle and Matt Okine is an easy pill to swallow. The Brisbane local boy (as he loudly announced "Indro kid 4068 represennnnt!" ) is back on home soil and performing where it all began for him – the iconic Brisbane Powerhouse. Joyfully reminiscing his career beginnings in Brisbane, where he performed for 30 seats in the Graffiti room, he returns now to the venue room next door, playing to an audience of 600; an eclectic mix of people and if they were anything like myself, were probably loyal listeners from his days on breakfast radio.

In a refreshing twist the show was less about poking fun at current events or political based satire but was instead focused on a series of Okine's highlights and lowlights of life. So many relatable anecdotes and hard truths spoken to (and) by a representative of a generation rife with first world problems. He paints himself as a lovable villain in a sly but very relatable way. Everyone has been 'that guy' at least once and so you find yourself giggling because only someone suffering the same foibles of the human condition would have the ability to laugh at the ridiculousness of this 'brave new world'. In a time when technology rules the future, high-stakes business buffoons run major countries it's nice to know that a high light in the regular world can be how happy Okine is to have travelled the globe and found the perfect bag of crisps.

Delivered in such a boisterous and energetic way Okine keeps your attention the entire show because like his own life he is high and low. A mixture of guilty amusement in regaling his everyday life; the outbursts of guilty admittance of his own undoing, his father's petty poking and his inability to drive a manual, Okine manages to speak a truth anyone can relate to. Highly charismatic, particularly foul mouthed and hugely inappropriate, Okine delivers a very energetic, amusing and fun show to watch. "While other comedians are up here talking about Trump, Abbot and Turnbull I'm hitting the hard topics: let's talk potato". Who knew you could get such a guttural laugh from a root vegetable... The audience laughed so hard throughout the entire show you constantly heard the 'sigh' – you know, that one you get after you laughed for so long you need to stop and breath a little. Good ol' fashioned laughs – it's a wonderful thing...

2017 Brisbane Comedy Festival
We Made You
Matt Okine

Venue: Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre
Dates: 17 – 19 March, 2017
Tickets: $34 – $39
Bookings: brisbanepowerhouse.org

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