Laser Beak Man | La Boite and Dead Puppet SocietyLeft – Nathaniel P. Claridad, Maren Searle, Helen Stephens, Jeremy Neideck. Cover – Helen Stephens, Jeremy Neideck. Photos – Dylan Evans

Laser Beak Man is alive and blazing a brilliant trail through La Boite Theatre and the Brisbane Festival. Dead Puppet Society has teamed up with Laser Beak Man artist Tim Sharp to create a glorious piece of visual theatre that delights all audience members, regardless of age. 

There is a lot to relish within this performance, yet at its core it holds and communicates a simple and pure message. It’s no wonder that this is such a visually exciting piece of theatre considering the artistic collaboration behind this work. Tim Sharp’s artwork and his character Laser Beak Man has been grabbing the world’s attention for years and for many, his story will be well known. For other’s who may be new to his work, Tim’s joyful and lively artwork stems from his view of the world through his autistic lens. The Dead Puppet Society’s creatives, David Morton and Nicholas Paine, always enthral audiences with their work and therefore it is no surprise that Laser Beak Man is so much sumptuous fun. 

The story is reminiscent of many a hero’s tale, but what makes Laser Beak Man’s story unique and refreshing is how he goes about saving the world. After Laser Beak Man’s physical powers are awakened he goes about saving his city, laser blasting potential threats and danger by turning doom and gloom into ponies and rainbows. Laser Beak Man’s evil arch nemesis, Peter Bartman, will stop at nothing to destroy everyone and everything in the way of his dastardly plans. Laser Beak Man sets off to save his city again but this time he is faced with a new challenge he must overcome. He learns what it means to be a true hero with help from his friends. In the end he remains true to himself, quietly strong and openly accepting of others, regardless of their failings. The cast of characters that support Laser Beak Man are born straight out of Tim Sharp’s art and deliver most of the corny yet witty humour Sharp’s work is famous for. My 9-year-old son’s favourite character was the Black Sheep because he kept my son laughing right up till the end of the show. 

Laser Beak Man is a performance packed full of wonder for so many reasons. The fabulous puppets themselves, the live music soundtrack by Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music), the vividly alive and joyfully in-your-face animated artwork of Tim Sharp. There are surprises that pop up that both little and big kids will love and there’s the quirky humour with gags a-plenty lifted directly out of the artwork of Laser Beak Man that will fill you with happiness. This Dead Puppet Society, La Boite, Brisbane Festival and Tim Sharp theatrical creation, with its old school puppetry charm and new theatre technology mash up feels just like you’re stepping straight inside Laser Beak Man’s world and what a wonderful world it is. Take your loved ones to see this gorgeous work and leave the performance feeling more love and joy than you had when you walk in, all thanks to Laser Beak Man’s super dooper powers.


La Boite, Dead Puppet Society and Brisbane Festival in association with PowerArts present
by David Morton, Nicholas Paine and Tim Sharp

Director David Morton

Venue: Roundhouse Theatre | La Boite, Musk Avenue Kelvin Grove QLD
Dates: 13 – 30 Sept 2017
Tickets: $30 – $60
Bookings: | 07 3007 8600



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