Brainiac Live!Brainiac Live! has arrived in Australia for the first time and they’ve kicked off their explosive science(esque) antics in Brisbane at QPAC. It’s a fun school holiday outing for the family, with both kids and adults guaranteed to get a laugh out of the staged family friendly version of this popular British T.V. show.

For those families who aren’t sure if Brainiac is for them, based on some of the T.V. show’s content, rest assured the live stage show is definitely well pitched and 100% suitable for kids.

The tone of the show is playful and the ‘experiments’ or science-styled tricks the four Brainiacs perform for the audience are very safely yet daringly delivered. Audience interaction is encouraged and right from the start of the show the Brainiacs involve everyone.

The science content of the show is presented via a number of stunts that are conducted by one ‘daredevil’ Brainiac or the team of Brainiacs, with the science explained very simply by one of the more ‘scientific’ Brainiacs. The first investigation looks at what kind of materials you can run through just like a cartoon character. With a safety helmet securely strapped on to the daredevil, and after an intelligent chat about what wallpaper, plasterboard and netting is made of, the audience is soon clapping out a beat to set the pace for the daredevil Brainiac to run to as he hurtles himself through a wall made up of each one of the materials.

Other crazy and comical moments came from which gas will provide the biggest bang; what is the best way to power an office swivel chair to get the most spins per minute; super cool things about liquid nitrogen and an airzooka smoke vortex catching contest. In between the live action experiments there were brain teasers to keep everyone’s mind active.

At the end of the performance the lovely team of Brainiacs took a selfie with their first Australian audience and also announced they’d be visiting the QPAC foyer for their young fans to ask questions or to grab an autograph.

Brainiac Live! is loads of fun, fully engaging and seriously silly scientific entertainment, in fact the hour performance goes too quickly. It’s a sure ‘fire’ winning holiday activity to take the family along to. Just make sure that you cover your ears every time you’re asked to cover them, because Brainiac Live! is full of explosive action literally going off with a bang.



QPAC and Live Nation present

Venue: Concert Hall | QPAC South Bank, Brisbane
Dates: 9 – 13 January 2018
Bookings: | 136 246



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