Very Strange Things | Lawrence LeungLawrence Leung makes his first appearance at the Perth Fringe Festival this year, and what a reliably funny, confounding and confusingly clever performer he is. He woos the audience with daggy Asian jokes and deliberate mistakes threaded between astonishing feats of mind-reading, thought transference and magical illusion.

Welcome to his experimental laboratory where he explores unexplainable things.

Leung divides the audience into sceptics and the open-minded who would love to believe in the unexplainable. Do they dare?

Branding himself as “an open minded sceptic”, Leung takes on a filmic tour meeting up with some of the world’s cleverest illusionists. The most terrifying encounter being driven in a car in Los Angeles by an illusionist with his eyes securely screened with casino chips, duct taped to his eye sockets.

Leung employed charming patter to procure audience members onstage. Not too reluctantly they engaged in telepathic physical transference with surprising results.

Solange was as sceptical as we were, when Leung attempted to crack a secret access code known to only her.

The evening’s entertainment concluded with a startling remembrance of events past. Nicky apparently confounded Leung with his initial wrong choice of her childhood pet dog. Or did she?

Leung insists this is not mind-bending magic but a series of the cleverest of tricks and illusions. That may be but all of us in the audience were totally amazed and in awe of his extraordinary skill, delivered in his delightfully whimsical, self-effacing manner.

2018 Perth Fringe Festival
Very Strange Things
Lawrence Leung

Venue: Middar Room | State Theatre Centre, Corner William & Roe Streets Perth
Dates: 1 – 4 February 2018
Tickets: $28 – $32



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