Baby Cake | Kerensa Diball and Yuhui Ng-RodriguezIt’s a tumultuous cloud of life-changing decision that descends on many women as their 30s roll-out. To be a mother or not to be – that is the question? Just because our eggs exist to be fertilised, does not mean a woman wants them to be, and just because she wants them to be, doesn't mean they will be.

Kerensa Diball and Yuhui Ng-Rodriguez are incredibly at ease and personable as they share their journey about that decision in the piece of autobiographical, feminist live art that is Baby Cakes. The former has decided not to have children with her partner who plinks away on the keyboard in the corner – Roman Tucker of Rocket Science fame. The fruit of Yuhui’s decision runs between herself and her friend – the toddler Mori, gurgling, outrageously cute in his dinosaur romper suit and obviously placid enough to be a conforming part of his mother’s 50 minute performance.

As each one shares the realities of their decision, they also shares tidbits of food with the audience, bringing them closer in their confidence – like a chat with friends. In between their blatantly honest reveals – Yuhui in her presentation for the “Cruel Asian Mum” award, and Kerensa standing outside looking in the window with placards baring statements in the vein of Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues – are moments of absurdity. Some of them work, and some of them don't. What looks like a white plastic sheet and some other unidentified bits of off white plastic hanging on the back wall also seem overly abstract.

But overall this is an engaging, touching and humorous look at the struggles and judgement women face, whichever way they decide to serve their eggs.

2018 Next Wave Festival
Baby Cake
Created and Performed by Kerensa Diball & Yuhui Ng-Rodriguez

Venue: Northcote Town Hall | 189 High St, Northcote VIC
Dates: 9 – 13 May 2018
Tickets: $28 – $23
Bookings: 03 9329 9422 |



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