Growing Concerns | Lawrence LeungTo me Leung is less a comedian and more of an incredibly talented writer. The way he weaves multiple references into his show and then refers back to them much further on in his monologue is brilliant.

Leading on from his last show in Perth where he introduced us to his baby daughter, now a two year old, Leung encompassed a wide range of topics including his non-Asian partner Maya. This train of thought lead us to a number of stereotypical views on “mixed” partnerships and mistaken identities (we assume the Asian woman in the white coat is a nurse. No she’s a doctor!)

Leung’s genius is that he can take these ingrained opinions and gently turn them on their head. He is convinced that the road to international peace is through interracial prodigy. Like his daughter. As someone who thinks immigration from all corners of the world has much to recommend it, I agree wholeheartedly. Though my view is based on the wonderful variety of international restaurants now present in this town.

His rapid fire delivery is highly skilled. He works the room impeccably and presents his material in a charming, disarming manner as he skips through these potentially troublesome areas.

I think the key to Leung’s success is his childish delight in the oddities of humankind, he doesn’t swear frequently, he has a wonderful line in self-deprecation together with a lively presence onstage.

No cliches are safe from his scrutiny. The Chinese parents who want highest level academic success for their children or the Australians who say “Where do you come from?” “Here.” “No but where do you really come from?”

Another endearing trait is his cowardliness, so common to many, but always unacknowledged. The caesarean birth is a true test of courage for many a man… and woman – “No I don’t want the mirror!”

But in another nifty reference Leung provides his new-born son with the perfect answer to “Where do you come from?”

2019 Perth Comedy Festival
Growing Concerns
Lawrence Leung

Venue: State Theatre Centre of WA, Studio Underground
Dates: 3 – 4 May 2019
Tickets: $30 – $35



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