Tyrone and Lesley in a SpotThere is something so whimsical about the ukulele.

In recent years it has become immensely popular and as a person who has always held a fond affinity with the instrument, when I get a chance to see a performance, it's a no-brainer for me.

Included as part of the mammoth smorgasbord of theatre and performance that is Brisbane Festival, Tyrone and Lesley have put together such a fun, simple show that tackle the unsung 'issues'  in a non linear and laughably quirky way.

Using nothing but a small projection screen with a 'changing' spot light to follow along with the music the 'gentlemen songsters' take the stage for what they described as a "spot of music, spot of light, spot of light music". I couldn't have described it any better myself.

If you're looking for good, wholesome giggles Tyrone and Lesley in a Spot is sure to deliver. From mild tee-hee's to all out cackling the dynamic duo had the audience hook,line and sinker. Clicking fingers, whistling tunes and encouraging lots of audience participation. Simplistic in it's design and totally entertaining the most endearing feature of the show is in it's delightfully awkward delivery. Tyrone strangely reminded me of a very quirky family friend and it goes to show that everyone has a doppelganger floating around. With some tricky images in play and the cameo of a tiny band member we were not short on laughs and smiles. "We are a sea of light in an ocean of blackness". The songs can convey a life of loneliness which hit you right in the feels but are just as quick to bring back the joie de vivre with a hilarious perspective of life through the eyes of a moth. Like I mentioned earlier – they tackle the issues.

'Lesley's choice' saw us clapping along to the most amusing version I have ever seen of the William Tell Overture (better known as the Lone Ranger theme) performed using only the uke and double bass and it makes you appreciate the simplicity of the show, utilizing only two instruments to make such a wonderfully whimsical performance. A quick and simple show, a plethora of puns and a lovely little tid-bit to add to the calendar. If I am to quote the moth I would say "it's hot, it's bright, I like it!"

2019 Brisbane Festival and QUT present
Creators David Megarrity and Nathan Sibthorpe

Venue: Theatre Republic - The Loft | QUT Creative Industries, Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove QLD
Dates: 17 – 21 September 2019
Bookings: www.brisbanefestival.com.au


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