This effort by Dr Le was a very mixed bag.

Firstly he came onto the front of the small space in a function room of the Holiday Inn. He described how happy he was to be in Perth and told how he had been doing work at a large local hospital prior to his “seven sold out shows” as part of the Fringe Festival.

Dr Le has been domiciled in Fremantle during his West Australian stay and having worked as a community doctor, therefore decided to give part of the show’s ticket sales money to St Pat’s, a Catholic Church in Fremantle which runs programmes for the needy and the homeless.

Having said he was going to use his psychiatric practitioner’s skill to evaluate/interrogate some other comedians he proceeded to introduce Courtney Lamb. An Asian gay who expounded with some funny takes on pickup lines, being a fully gay Vietnamese and “dating down”, that is dating an ugly person. Unfortunately having such a strong accent there were moments where I simply could not pick up the punchlines.

We were then introduced to Zeppo, a dreadlocked figure of, he informed us, African descent. He pondered upon the fact that white people almost always seemed to feel dreadlocks denoted a happy outlook. Referencing Balinese holidays and tattoos Zeppo singled out a male audience member who had a holiday tattoo of Lois Lane. Strangely Lois appeared to be of Asian descent! Passing remarks about the Gold Coast version of Chinatown were very amusing.

Thence to Dr Le who moved through a variety of medical topics from changing fashion trends of hospital attire, to a very funny set of slides billed as a quiz. Declaring that one of the most vital pieces of advice received in his early medical career was to learn how to bake. Endless opportunities for cake-lead celebrations apparently abound in ward upon ward. A Women’s Weekly Cake or a homemade cake? This was the question as we rambled through some vivid images some verging on the vulgar.

A homily on the intense stress of working as a surgeon followed, referencing the high rate of depression and even suicide amongst medical practitioners, often written off as “over sensitivity”.

Le went on to relate the fascinating story of a doctor, Shyam Acharya who had been influential in his early career. To the amazement of his former colleagues this psychologist was revealed as a fake. Using a framed photocopied degree belonging to a practitioner on the other side of the world, this fraud had practised for ten years in an Adelaide hospital before being exposed. Le recited the golden rules for deception:

  • “Be a baker”.ie. foster bonhomie all around you.
  • “Fake it ‘til you make it”. ie. confidence is all. The use of the phrase “I concur was of vital use.”
  • The quote “Uni taught me nothing at all, I learned it all on the run.”

Le had good material but his presentation was not as quick and slick as it should have been. He seemed to be reaching for his next lines and topics.

This is an inexhaustible topic and one that will inevitably resound with the comfortable cultures that will be his main bread and butter. He needs to tighten up his presentation.


Event details

Perth Fringe World 2021
Against Medical Advice
with Dr Kim Le

Venue: Ivy & Jack | 778-788 Hay St, Perth WA
Dates: Until 12 Feb 2021
Tickets: $30


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