What a joy to be back at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and no one is more pleased to be there than Nath Valvo, the glittering disco ball of energy that he is. With the attention solely focussed on him after a long year of isolation, Valvo has returned with a fabulous show at Max Watts.

 Blasting Spice Girls and Britney from the speakers and turning the room into the “gayest” in Melbourne, Valvo performed his relatable routine with the kind of excited vigour audiences have come to expect from the performer. Valvo entertains the crowd with well crafted jokes about life, love and champagne. From former trash bag friends-turned earth mothers to the pressures of having a partner far better looking than yourself, Valvo’s brand of comedy is remarkedly wholesome (even if he does drop the occasional C-bomb).

 The whole set feels like you’ve been invited on a night out at the club with Valvo, who high kicks and giggles across the stage for the entire hour. In fact, I get the feeling if you were out at a club with Valvo, he’d be the one holding your hair back as you threw up your second bottle of Sauvignon Blanc or putting your boob back in your dress after a wardrobe malfunction. Don’t get me wrong, he’d also egg you on to text your ex, buy the designer bag you can’t afford and then tell a paying audience all about it at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, but it would be done with genuine affection. What prevents Valvo falling victim to “camp humour” is his delivery. There is no malice or cruelty to his jokes, they’re funny because they’re true, and with this he avoids the stereotype of the “bitchy gay”. The only butt of Valvo’s jokes is himself, which he proves by presenting a rather unflattering picture of himself in year eight.

 Valvo’s definitely had a glow up and the geeky kid from the high school photo is long gone, replaced with a bundle of energy and hilarity that has brought him many loyal fans. His facial expressions that reach to the very back of Max Watts tell a story all on their own, and he has remarkable comedic timing, able to crack an audience with only a carefully raised eyebrow.  If you’re after a quality hour of classic stand-up comedy, a palate cleanser to the year that was 2020, Valvo will have you snorting with laughter with his trademark wit and genuine humour.

Event details

A Token Event
Chatty Cathy
Nath Valvo

Venue: Max Watts | 125 Swanston St (opp Town Hall), Melbourne VIC
Dates: 31 March 2021 – 18 April 2021
Tickets: $25 – $35
Bookings: www.comedyfestival.com.au


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