After being orphaned by their dead shovel salesman father and friend-zoned by their own mother. Brothers Blake Everett & Oliver Coleman must continue the family legacy by themselves in the cruel Russian mob world of shovels. This absurdist comedy duo take you on a non-linear run from the mob to Italy and back in order to save themselves from digging their own graves.  

These brothers of the shovel decide the best way to hide is to take refuge in their own Melbourne Comedy Festival show. Yet Uber Eats drivers, Russian mobsters and other surprise visitors keep seeming to find them on the stage. Sounds ridiculous? It is. It is also hilarious.

If you like your humour with a lot of WTF moments then this is a must have ticket. The fantasy bar and sticky floors of Storyville is a great venue for this type of comedy. Coleman and Everett show you they have the skills to be precise with their physical and comedic timing. Then purposely don’t be, missing the mark to mess with you and find different unconventional ways of producing laughs. 

Rapid fire sketch comedy with a loose storyline will have its golden moments and dead jokes. During the preview we didn’t quite dig the “Will it dig?” bit. The shopping channel segment ran flat just like the actual shopping channel. These sketches might have some comedy gold to unearth with enough digging or perhaps they should be left buried.

The performers rolled well with the preview camel humps that were thrown up with just two hours rehearsal in a new venue. They kept the audience engaged and smirking. Manifesting enough on stage chaos that you didn’t quite know if something was supposed to be in the show or not. With references to current youtube and social media advertising campaigns keeping the jokes very current to 2021.

The Ice T cameo and liquid “law and order” detectives were on point! The shovel dad appearance was also a crowd favourite. Add an Italian disco and some exoctic male appendiages. Eureka! you have a deep dark well of liquid comedy that is enough to sustain even the thirstiest audiences. Come for the comedy, stay for the shovels. The audiences end up being the ones buried alive though with Coleman and Everett shoveling on the laughs.

Event details

2021 Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Blake Everett & Oliver Coleman Dig Their Own Graves

Venue: Storyville Melbourne | Trades Hall, 185 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC
Dates: 6 – 18 April 2021
Tickets: $25 – $20


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