What could be more important in a time of isolation and loneliness than a message of female friendship and the power it wields? Bumbles and Moz, created by dynamic duo Carly Wilding (Bumbles) and Kylie Morrigan (Moz), two forces of nature who were brought together by another force of nature, an earthquake to be exact, where an unshakeable bond was formed.

With that rather unsubtle intervention from mother nature, Bumbles and Moz began to discover through the act of play who they are to themselves and to each other. The semi-autobiographical piece delves into the idea of what is feminine: to please, to stay small and be quiet.

Tearing through a costume box brimming with joy, Bumbles and Moz try on all the different characters they could be in a world where the possibilities are endless. Through embodying different personas, they come to discover who they really are, the rare exceptional creatures they’ve always dreamed of becoming.

From flaccid firemen to that irritating marketing exec at the office, Wilding and Morrigan commit to the silly and the serious aspects of what has been coined a ‘caba-play” (half cabaret, half play).

With original music from the duo that plays with lilting folk-like subtlty and stunning harmonies that blend effortlessly, the music underscores the very real and very personal drama on stage.

Bumbles and Moz is at once heart-warming, funny, challenging, melancholy and moving, kind of like a country song really. With technical production by Mal Webb, Bumbles and Moz is a delightful and charming tale of female friendship and finding your own inner Celtic goddess.

Event details

Bumbles & Moz
by Carly Wilding

Story and Music Carly Wilding & Kylie Morrigan

Venue: The Butterfly Club | 5 Carson Place, Melbourne VIC
Dates: 22 – 27 November 2021
Bookings: thebutterflyclub.com


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