Cover – Ballet of Lights. Above – Celebration. Photos – Prudence Upton

Based on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's universally adored and admired book, The Little Prince is a light and sound phantasmagoria augmented by aerial and acrobatic choreography. 3D video mapping technology provides an immersive imaginary world presenting a panoply of “sets” ranging from interplanetary space to desolate, arid landscapes.

A journey of vignettes, The Little Prince tells the cosmic shepherd’s odyssey in dance and narration, with the narrator a distinct on-stage presence, too often over amplified, abetted by surtitles curiously projected in size and shape changing font. Indeed, as impressive as the technical virtuosity on show is, it tends to upstage the performers, their remarkable agility and athleticism too often overshadowed by the CGI.

Nevertheless, the sheer dynamism of the performers cuts through. Highlights include The Vain Man, an explosive hip hop parkour inspired choreography performed by Antony Cesar, flaming red hair and a flair for flamboyant head wear, a Mad Hatter hoofer with two mean feet thrilling to a compelling beat. The Drunkard, an imbiber’s ballet, a booze fluid jump and jive of inebriation, a limber libation from Andre Kamienski, with Surreal School backdrops and drop bobbing bottles of tempting non temperance.

Dylan Barone plays a wily, frisky fox, more feline than canine, though with more fur than purr, frolics with a fun flexibility and Laurisse Sulty gives sinuous sensuality to the Little Prince’s object of desire, The Rose.

The award-winning creative team for The Little Prince is led by director and choreographer Anne Tournié, with libretto adaptation and co-direction by Chris Mouron, who also acts on stage as The Narrator and sings the final, inspiring song. Original music by Terry Truck evokes the different countries and cultures encountered on the narrative voyage as does the costume design by Peggy Housset.

To quote Antoine de Saint-Exupéry from Wind, Sand and Stars, “Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction.” This production of The Little Prince invites us to do just that.

Event details

Sydney Coliseum Theatre, West HQ in association with Broadway Entertainment Group
The Little Prince
based on the original book of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry | libretto adaptation Chris Mouron | original music Terry Truck

Director Anne Tournié and Chris Mouron

Venue: Sydney Coliseum Theatre | West HQ, 33 Railway Street, Rooty Hill, NSW
Dates: 1 – 23 January 2022
Tickets: from $89


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