It was a cosy set up with a two seater couch on the small stage the MC, Bob Gordon in an armchair and just to the side a keyboard manned by Mark Ralph.

On the couch to be interviewed were two artists who have shows in the current Perth Fringe Festival. Dave Lawrence, multi-instramentalist, singer-songwriter and banjo extrordinaire performing his new show JoBot! A combination of the words Banjo! and Robot! Jo!Bot! is a kaleidoscopic suite of new songs and soundscapes created using live performance together with electronic devices to layer levels of sound and musical genres.

Zalia Joi who is currently performing in a show at Downstairs at the Maj, Hell Hath No Fury, Musical Bitchin’ From The Basement of Hell. The show is a black comedy weaving humour and heartbreak through passionate music and thought provoking tales and dedicated to never giving up.

Bob Gordon is a superb interviewer. Well prepared, he drew interesting details from both artists encompassing their Fringe shows and the creation of these works. There were also some interesting stories about Lawrence’s life and upbringing, with his mother being former Premier Carmen Lawrence.

On Joi’s part she spoke about copyright issues and mentioned the episode where she was sued by Fleetwood Mac for using some of their songs in a past show.

Both artists performed musical numbers. On Lawrence’s part it was a soulful rendition of a work song in the style of a share-cropper’s lament, Take This Hammer. Just beautiful!

Joi was joined onstage by the other singer in Hell Hath No Fury, Fiona Cooper. Together they gave a powerful rendition of the opening song in their current show Bombshock.

Both artists performed the penultimate song of the evening Cowboy Yodel with Joi demonstrating amazing yodeling prowess.

It was left to the charming host Bob Gordon to perform the delightful Good Night Song which he did with aplomb. A very interesting and different Fringe event.

Keep an eye out for two more interviews with Bob Gordon later in the Fringe

Jo!Bot! is performing at The Sewing Room – Thursday 20 January

Hell hath no fury is performing at Downstairs at the Maj 20-22 January

Event details

Gringe World 2022
A Little Later... with Bob Gordon

Venue: The Sewing Room | 317 Murray Street, Perth, WA
Dates: 2 & 9 Feb 2022
Tickets: $15


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