There are so many amazing moments in this show, I will try not to spoil the surprise by describing too many of the twists and turns in characterization, storytelling and absolutely amazing bubble work. The unexpected is a vital part of the performance.

Just two artists, Kurt Murray and Iulia Benze create the show. Murray is first to set the scene. Resplendent in red and black lamé with sequins, he toys with cocktail glasses, an ice bucket and a drinks tray. Iulia appears, a beautiful and flirtatious vamp in red satin. To the sounds of Piaf they begin a passionate embrace, lasting for minutes with plenty of tongue action. After a prolonged, erotic dance, lulia retires behind a black velvet curtain and Murray takes centre stage.

There are clever multiple bubble effects. Two shallow pools either side of the stage are used to great effect with a multiplicity of hoops, loops, nets and even on the bodies of the two artists. The bubbles have an enchanting sheen and come in every size and shape. They are cleverly manipulated to form arcs around the performers.

Twice Murray performs a seemingly impossible trick. As he manipulates the small bubble it appears to take a solid form like a large marble. Incredible!

Iulia returns in various personas to join Murray. Probably the most impressive was wearing a black velvet bikini with cat face pasties, well at least to the men in the audience near me! She has an exquisite, slender body and used it brilliantly in a wild strip dance.

Thence to a clever shadow puppetry exercise, with both artists and paper cut out puppets, projected on a backlit screen. There was more bubble magic, this time including a smokey balloon effect which Murray created from a sack of tricks worn on his side. A memorable vision of Benze is her appearance as a devilish nightmare in black, complete with tail. A fantasy creature indeed.

The introduction of fire provided a stunning, dramatic effect. The conclusion was a shower of exquisite bubbles raining over a delighted audience.

To conclude I will quote the lady in the exit queue behind me. To her husband, “I loved it. I loved it last year and I will love it again next year!”

This is the 6th year the Bubble Show has worked the Perth Fringe. All sell out shows!

Event details

Bubble Laboratory Trust presents
Bubble Show for Adults Only

Venue: Big Top at The Pleasure Garden | Russell Square, Northbridge WA
Dates: until 3 Feb 2022
Tickets: $30 – $35


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