If you love checking out some new, fresh comedic talent, there are some great ‘compilation’ shows on offer at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and one of the best is The Breast of the Fest, at Trades Hall.

Each night, five comedians with breasts [size optional] share the stage in turn, and it’s fantastic to hear their diverse styles, bounce from one view of the world to the next, and have five excellent reasons to laugh.

The cast for 2022 includes Tess Birch, Maren Whittaker, Donna Collins, Christina Schmidt, and Daisy Webb.

Tess Birch opened strongly, declaring: “I’m a lawyer,” and embracing the rarified air of her upbringing in Brighton, and bubbled life at a private school. At the end of the day, when your dad embarrasses you on Facebook, we’re all in the same boat.

Maren Whittaker, originally from Germany, confidently finds the fault lines of learning to understand Aussie idioms and habits, and is wonderfully honest in her appraisal of Aussie engineering of what are locally called Moon Cups. No idea what they are? Get along to the show – Maren will explain.

Donna Collins has just moved in with her girlfriend and already has a very strange relationship with their homophobic dog. But that’s nothing compared to her health issues and itchy nose.

Christina Schmidt is delightfully awkward and anxious on stage, but cleverly embraces it, echoing early Luke McGregor, and consequently is not only damn funny but quite adorable. Her zany eye latches on to everything from dog’s thumbs to cyclists and synonyms and I think we’ll be seeing more of her.

Daisy Webb is newly trans and happy to share her experience, from her awakening, to its impact, future planning and the crazy advice offered to adjusting her sex life. It’s brave, enlightening and may make you want to hug her. Please don’t, at least not without consent.

There were no guest performers on the night I went, but in past years audiences have had the extra treat of a visit from the likes of Celia Pacquola, Anne Edmonds, Geraldine Hickey, Becky Lucas, Steph Tisdell, Jude Perl and Claire Hooper.

All five comics are talented, funny, hugely diverse and growing as performers. Get in early to enjoy watching the next generation of entertainers make their mark on MICF.

Event details

2022 Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Breast of the Fest
Tess Birch, Donna Collins, Daisy Webb, Maren Whittaker and Christina Schmidt

Venue: The Meeting Room | Trades Hall, 54 Victoria Street, Carlton VIC
Dates: 31/03/2022 – 24/04/2022
Tickets: $35 – $25
Bookings: 03 9245 3788 | www.comedyfestival.com.au


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