Unfortunately due to the number of short plays, (12 in all) it is impossible to critique in detail each of the works. I will confine my comments to some of the highlights.

There were some deeply dramatic moments such as in A World Apart where Anna had lost her baby and seemed driven mad by grief. Her teetering monologue, interspersed with moments of lucidity was moving and skillfully handled.

Snappy pacy writing and wry humour were evident in The Toilet Roll at the End of the World. A well- executed fight execute in slow motion was exceptionally well handled and provided great audience response. Amanda Watson and Jasmine Hoskin in clever form.

The Rehearsal involved 2 males acting as alternating personas in dialogue with an ex-girlfriend. Both striving to win her back but with different and ever alternating angles of pursuit. However they also engaged in refuting the arguments of each other! The speedy scripting was well-served by Will Smith and Nick Hudson.

The Key to The Mystic Halls of Time was a fun surprise. Two formidable fantasy online fighting masters, Battle the Hunter and Sword Cleaver duel it out. Scott and Tom engage in an imaginary quest which absorbs not only the protagonists but those around them. But at what cost to their own existence and others in their domestic lives? Ryan Tierney and James Rock were mercurial and funny in their about-face characterizations.

In Farce was a tour de force in absurd humour. A wife and mistress on weekend break in adjoining hotel rooms. A slick fast talking gentleman attempting to placate them both. A distinctly difficult hotel receptionist refusing to cooperate. What could possibly go wrong? Almost everything! But with surprising responses from all characters involved. Farce, it seems is not only a genre but also a truly surreal destination.

I felt the second half of the show directed by Tom Heath was stronger. It would be interesting to know how formed  the scripts were when direction was undertaken by Dr Gabrielle Metcalf and Tom Heath; whether the scripts were work-shopped with the cast or otherwise.

A solid programme from WAAPA students whose enthusiasm and joie de vivre was patent as the casts took their final curtain call.

Audiences can look forward to WAAPA participation in future seasons of SHORT+SWEET.

Event details

Short+Sweet Perth 2022
Week 2

Venue: Subiaco Arts Centre | 180 Hamersley Rd, Subiaco, Perth WA
Dates: 26 – 28 May 2022
Bookings: shortandsweet.org/perth | 6212 9292


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