The world is a complex and beautiful place and we, as humans, spend most of our time trying to make sense of it all.

Creation Creation adds a layer of understanding to some of the bigger questions that the world holds. This Windmill Theatre Company production is co-created by Rosemary Myers, Fleur Elise Noble, Jonathon Oxlade and Roslyn Oades. It is based on a series of interviews where people from 8 –104 years old pose their big questions. 

Noble and Oxlade, who are designers, took the edited recordings from these interviews and brought the show to life. With a stark white stage as a canvas they created an extraordinary visual response using physical theatre, prop work, puppetry and movement. The big questions: ‘Are we alone in this universe?’, ‘How do humans make humans?’ and ‘What will the world be like in one thousand years?’ are approached from diverse perspectives animated in the moment.

Noble and Oxlade do a wonderful job of creating space for reflection and are ingenious in sharing interpretations. A black hole theatrically consumes the stage sweeping up the audience. As the narrator expounds facts about Black Holes and the spaghetti effects, Noble’s legs are suddenly stretched beyond imagination, just like spaghetti!

The final touch is when the lights come on, the veil is lifted and we hurtle back to earth to watch Oxlade awkwardly disengaging himself from acres of black shiny cloth and Noble walks off with props still attached to her. This demonstration of black holes and their impact will never leave my mind's eye.

Creation Creation is very inclusive. Dan Cleasby, a wonderful AUSLAN interpreter, is present throughout the show. The visual and kinetic learners are given the opportunity to see, feel and process information. The creators have done a great job of including a range of perspectives and elegantly avoids religion while acknowledging a range of spirituality, faith, cultures and humanity.

After the show my 9-year-old and I had wonderful conversations. We discussed the answers to the questions Creation Creation asked, we asked our own big questions, and we marveled at the fact that some questions, no matter how much science or technology we throw at them, can ever be answered.

Event details

Windmill Theatre Company presents
Creation Creation
co-created by Rosemary Myers, Fleur Elise Noble, Jonathon Oxlade and Roslyn Oades

Venue: Sydney Opera House NSW
Dates: 29 – 30 June 2022

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