Above – Dale Burridge. Photo – Cameron Grant

This outstanding show is the story of Dale Burridge’s musical theatre career. From his school boy days when his extraordinary voice was discovered to his leading roles in shows such as Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables.

Burridge is truly star material. His voice is superb and his dramatic presentation is excellent. He lead us on a personal journey from his teenage years; through agonies of self–doubt, a grueling amount of auditions, to his first big breaks, first in Australia and then to London.

Burridge is charming onstage and the audience warmed to him immediately. His range is amazing and also his depth and strength of vocal control is exceptional.

Choosing songs from musicals, some familiar, some new to me, he wove a compelling narrative to illustrate the different periods in his career.

The musical accompanists, Bev Kennedy on piano and Mark Szeto on double bass were exceptionally fluid and their long term collaboration as an ensemble worked beautifully in their favor.

Burridge’s voice is a marvelous instrument; shown to advantage in a cleverly chosen repertoire of songs illustrating the highs and lows of life lead in a volatile and uncertain industry. There were depths, for example when he was unexpectedly dropped from a Sydney extension of a sell-out Melbourne show. How he recovered and went on to develop another career was another story.

Charismatically Burridge stepped down into the audience and sang to them individually, a charming skill few performers can carry off. He was a delight and mastered this dynamic magnificently.

Burridge showcased an exceptional talent which we were privileged to enjoy and will cherish for some time. No one present would miss the chance to see him again.

Event details

Downstairs at The Maj
At the Crossroads
Dale Burridge

Venue: Downstairs at His Majesty’s | Address
Dates: 25 – 27 August 2022
Bookings: www.artsculturetrust.wa.gov.au/venues/his-majestys-theatre/whats-on/at-the-crossroads/

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