Above – Georgie Aué. Photo – Jessica Carlton

It is an early evening Sunday show. The occasion being the launch of a third album by Georgie Aué.

The room is absolutely packed with audience members, many of whom have seen Aué perform before and won’t want to miss another chance encounter with this talented writer, arranger, singer and pianist.

A who’s who of Perth musicians were at the ready to support her and also in the time honored jazz tradition launch into some very tasty solo offerings themselves. Jeremy Thomson (guitar), Zac Grafton (bass) and Daniel Susnjar (drums), as well as a horn section made up of Jessica Carlton (trumpet/flugel), Tom Greble (saxophones) and Will Pethick (trombone) who all play on the album. However this performance showcases just five support musicians and one backing vocalist, Victoria Newton.

Aué opens with a lovely rendition of Solitude by Antonio Carlos Jobim. There is a sultry solo on saxophone and a silky offering on guitar from Jeremy Thomson.

The next number is a composition of Aué’s own entitled Little Me.

While Aue is very easy on the eye herself, it is hard to look away from some of the musicians as they engage in their own solo offerings.  Daniel Susnjar on drums is especially hard to ignore as he is extremely animated, thoroughly delighted to be there and part of such a quality ensemble. The infectious, joyful smiling of the timekeeper lit up the stage.

Aue informs us this is her fourth year in Perth and it has been “A lovely journey.” ‘Til Next Time leads us into the final number if the first set, Kites, Boats and Ferris Wheels.

If you could use a term more often invoked in literary reviews, Aué’s songs are “stream of conscious” in style, piling impressions and images upon one another. All beautifully underpinned by her delicious piano work. Her musical influences have been described as Brazillian meets Norah Jones Certainly there is a Latin vibe evident in the new album, Desert Cry.

After interval we were treated to the first number from the new album, Winter Sun. This was followed by Desert Cry. A feature of this number was a clever passage with saxophone, trumpet and trombone in complete accord. A clever acapella introduction from Victoria Newton was a standout.

Sadly, after a lovely rendition of Waiting for You, I had to leave but it was evident that the capacity crowd were in no mood to depart or even let this superb ensemble leave the stage.

I confidently predict Aué will perform again soon at the Ellington and that her sizeable fan base will be on the lookout for her and the marvellous musicians she manages to gather together.

Event details

The Ellington Jazz Club
Georgie Aué

Venue: The Ellington Jazz Club | WA
Dates: 18 September 2022
Tickets: $25 – $15
Bookings: www.ellingtonjazz.com.au

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