In the likely event of forever, elevates the art of running late to unhinged heights. Literally this experimental show was twenty minutes late. And yes it’s about running late. The character, Margot (Margot Morales Tanjutco) is running late. The solo work explores ADHD, city living and the art of running late.

The irony is not lost on the young and appreciative audience, most of whom don’t seem to mind standing and chatting in the foyer of the QV Building in Melbourne. And after all it’s preview night, a fact that is repeated several times throughout the hour-long performance. This may account for the many glitches, so many that it is difficult to tell which are deliberate – part of the experimental nature of the show – or not. For instance, is the actor having a couple of quick vaping breaks part of a comment on ADHD or preview night nerves? It’s hard to tell because the show is so eclectic.

Tanjutco has charisma. She is captivating but – and it is a big but – the show is not. It starts in a small, confined space atop Lonsdale Street in central Melbourne. Margot states that she is “in a 711 and deconstructing a symphony”. This message is repeated several times and draws laughter from some, and falls flat for others. Tanjutco, as Margot, then tells staccato type stories, recites poetic-style lines, gyrates to music and sings. The music has been composed by James Gales and is as mystifying as the entire show. 

The latter part of the show takes place outside on an open-air roof top. The cityscape is spectacular and is a highlight.

In the likely event of forever, is part of the Melbourne Fringe. Fringe shows are notoriously risky for audiences. The name “Fringe” is exactly as it describes – creative souls on the fringe of the arts being funded, encouraged and supported to express and explore their creativity. Some gems shine brightly. Others need polish. This one needs much more. As it’s a preview there’s hopefully time to get it more polished before opening night.

Event details

2022 Melbourne Fringe Festival
In the likely event of forever,
created and performed by Margot Morales Tanjutco | in collaboration with James Gales

Venue: Queen Victoria Women's Centre - Millarri Murnmut | 210 Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC
Dates: 11 – 22 October 2022
Tickets: $35 – $20


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