Tall and handsome Jayasinha strode the stage with confidence and aplomb. However he was quick to assure the audience it wasn't always thus. When he was younger he wasn't just chubby, he was overweight. Even, dare I say it, fat. At that stage he would not have been so assured in public, nor was he a comedian, he was an accountant! A bet with a fellow comic lead to both of them losing a huge amount of weight.

Jayasinha literally never drew breath. A superb ractonteur, he wove a fantastic and fabulouly funny series of stories and jokes into a seemingly seamless saga. He covered a huge variety of topics including an in depth look at racial stereotyping. 

His girlfriend (white) a Perth girl, no actually from Mandurah, an outlying poorer suburb, drew great audience approval.

She was actually having surgery while Jayasinha was recovering from his hospital stay because of a heart attack. Therefore they had to "be there" for each other post hospital stay despite the fact they had just separated. Jayasinha confided that he was actually terrified being in hospital.

After the heart surgery anecdotes, he invited audience members to volunteer details of their own surgical procedures. This lead to a wonderful interchange with Bob, who had 17 stitches across his head after a workplace accident. 

Jayasinha moved with fluid ease onto snoring, sleep apnia and finished wih an hysterically amusing anecdote about signing up for a relaxing massage but being on the receiving end of a pubic waxing instead!

Jayasinha is a consumate performer and a brilliant comedian. He has further shows until 19 February.

5 stars. Beg, borrow (don't steal) a ticket, but try to get to this outstanding comic while he is part of the Fringe.

Event details

Perth Fringe World 2023
Heart Stopper
Dilruk Jayasinha

Johnny Fox's, 205 James St, Northbridge, WA
Comedy Shack, 25 Drovers Pl, Wanneroo, WA
Sonar Room at Comedy Shack Fremantle, 42 Mews Rd, Fremantle, WA
Dates: until 19 February 2023
Tickets: $35 – $26
Bookings: fringeworld.com.au


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