Above – Alex Rathgeber, Laurence Boxhall, Anna O'Byrne, Tom Conroy & Adam Murphy. Cover – Gerry Connolly & Geraldine Turner. Photos – Brian Geach

The world’s longest running play continues to tantalize audiences and keep them guessing the identity of the murderer. Robin Nevin AO directs this Australian version with flair. She has coaxed fine performances from all of the cast of eight actors.

I must admit I found the first act predictable in its very stylized English manner, until I thought about the time the play was actually composed. In the 1950’s Britain was recovering from the grief and devastation of World War II. Not only would this have been the accepted style of rather formal theatrical scripting but it also encompassed glimmerings of very British humor and steadfastness.

The cast is uniformly strong as a group of total strangers snowed-in a remote country guesthouse. All are introduced and the audience revels in their differences of character and biases.

There was clever use of “radio broadcasts” including period musical broadcasts, gloomy weather forecasts of total snow blockages and detailing a nasty London murder. All of which affect the characters in slightly unnerving ways, even if subtly.

News of the murder galvanizes the freshly arrived, Detective Sergeant Trotter into action. He begins to round up all the characters and analyze their backgrounds and motivations.

An excellent ensemble they form; newly married proprietors of Monkswell Manor, Mollie and Giles Rowston (Anna O’Byrne & Alex Rathgeber), their assorted guests;  Christopher Wren (Lawrence Boxhall), Mrs Boyle (Geraldine  Turner), Major Metcalf (Adam Murphy), Miss Casewell (Charlotte Friels), Mr Paravicinni (Chris Parker) and Detective Sergeant Trotter (Tom Conroy).

After all the surprises were revealed, the audience was stunned and thrilled. What an achievement after listening to hundreds of friends and acquaintances discuss their visits to The Mousetrap in theatres all over the world.

The secret remains hidden!!

Event details

Gordon Frost for Crossroads Live presents
Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap

Director Robin Nevin

Venue: His Majesty’s Theatre,  Perth WA
Dates: 8 – 16 April 2023
Bookings: themousetrap.com.au


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