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I last saw 360 Allstars in 2019 and nearly four years later, many of the same crew are still able to dazzle me with their physical abilities and gravity defying crafts. Gene Peterson is the Ringleader who directs and produces the show. He is also a drummer extraordinaire whose talents we get to witness from a camera atop of Peterson’s head. It was such fun to see the drums from his point of view even if it did make me a little dizzy.

Mirrah Reflects brings the Mistress of Ceremonies business to its knees. She is all power, funk and talent. If the audiences waned, she waxed lyrical. Every time there was a lull she was on to it. She hyped us up and that allowed the performers to feed off our energy and give us a show that we would not forget.

With these two at the helm the rest of 360 is all ridiculous feats of awesome. There is the dynamic duo Bboy Sette and Bboy Leerok who battle it out for crowning glory. It is masterful how you believe that the winner is always the one you are watching. They naturally fall into a dead tie as they balance out skill sets. Anyone who can spin on their head for that long has to have some serious equilibrium on hand.

Bavo Delbeke brings a comedic edge to the show but there is no funny business about what the man can do, it is not even just skill, he must practise non-stop. I took my 10 year old and she asked me if the basketballs were magnetic. He made them move in miraculous ways and it was baffling to watch as he bounced, spun, juggled and maneuvered his way around 1–5 basketballs.

If it is wheels that make the world go round then Heru Anwari is a god. On a small stage he wielded his BMX with supreme dexterity. The audience was quiet but it was not a lack of appreciation more a holding of our breath as his performance unfurled.

360 Allstars were one member short on opening night but you would never have known it. They are consummate professionals and still give us a show that wows and inspires. This is a great family show that everyone will enjoy.

Event details

Riverside Theatres presents
An Onyx Production

Venue: Riverside Theatres, Parramatta NSW
Dates: 11 – 14 April 2023
Tickets: $49 – $34

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