There is little you can say to describe the manic speed of this production. It was extraordinary in its delivery and timing.

Bob Downe (aka Mark Trevorrow), clad in golden sequined pants and matching sequined zip up top, launched into the show what can only be described as ferocity. We (the audience) were stunned into submission and hysterical laughter at his antics. Telling us he was thrilled to be back in Perth. “It’s been too long and how he’d missed us!” we were flattered to bits.

Trevorrow is possessed of a remarkable singing voice, which when he’s not assuming the Bob Downe vocal persona, is tuneful and excellent. He is also a talented dancer with fabulous Vegas-style moves. Hi camp, huge fun!

Skillfully he manouvered the audience into participation; even luring an unsuspecting couple onto the stage for a drawn out sequence while he effected a clever costume change. On his hilarious return he was clad in white trousers and colorful Hawaiian shirt. So very 60’s!

The entire show he had us clapping along eagerly to familiar, if dated, (on purpose) numbers like Sway Me.

The audience was then treated to two delicious dancing girls in traditional show girl attire. Slinky bathing suit numbers with tail feathers, accessorized with gigantic feather fans. Their only purpose was to accentuate Downe’s monologue. The audience was ecstatic in their approval.

In fact the whole show garnered huge audience approval, both in applause and cheers and shouted comments from the capacity crowd.

 Downe works hard every second he is onstage and the audience lapped up his efforts.

A wonderful evening of tongue-in-cheek entertainment!

Event details

Perth Comedy Festival
Viva Bob Vega$
Bob Downe

Venue: Regal Theatre, Subiaco, WA
Dates: 11 May 2023

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