Danny Bhoy was in fine fettle this evening at the packed Astor Theatre. In fact he seemed to be having a wow of an evening and frequently broke into laughs at his own very funny material.

As always, he delivers a guaranteed good time. He is possessed of charm by the bucket load and his timing is impeccable. There were very few empty seats and even the upper level of the theatre seemed to be at capacity. A slightly late start for the 9.00pm show meant the audience was hungry for laughs and he worked the room brilliantly. The Bhoy charm offensive was brilliant. Unlike so many other comedians he was able to interact with individual audience members without any hurt feelings or recriminations.

The enforced lock down because of Covid meant he had to stay in Scotland which he quickly turned to his own advantage. One airplane trip in 3 years! The Covid factor was a source of much mirth. Buying items online Bhoy invested in purple silk pajamas, a 500 pound (in UK or Scottish money) telescope and hilariously a new mattress. The delivery of which became an epic event in which he played both the two delivery men and his own bemused participation.

A clever mimic Bhoy had the audience in the palm of his hand as he portrayed 2 slightly drunken Aussies in the midst of an argument.

Ranging from the cocoa content in a variety of chocolate bars to the panic buying of vital commodities such as toilet paper, no subject was off limits.

Playing on his own insecurities such as being forced to isolate for long periods of time with no shows to create and perform Bhoy found positive aspects to the pandemic. There was a notable drop in terrorism, fewer crowds, less cars on the road and less congestion at the zoo!

His rendition of David Attenborough commenting on the pandemic was remarkably clever as was his version of the Queen. Bhoy has further shows, on 13, 14, 15 May which are all sold out and from 16 to 18 May, at the Astor Theatre currently on sale.

Event details

Perth Comedy Festival
Now Is Not A Good Time
Danny Bhoy

Venue: Astor Theatre | 659 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley WA
Dates: 13 – 18 May 2023
Bookings: www.perthcomedyfestival.com

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