Above – Emo Majok

A homegrown line up of comedians in a one off show for the Comedy Festival:

Joe White
Emo Majok
Simone Springer
Matt Storer
Andrew Wolfe
Daniel Delby
Colin Ebsworth
plus a surprise WA comedian.

How good it is, as a local, to report that a show of West Australian comics could hold their own up against a lineup of fully imported comedians. 

The one-off show was packed with the stalls at capacity plus a healthy few rows in the sky high dress circle.

The show was opened by Matt Storer, who bounced back with alacrity as our MC between acts. As a warm up he was warmly received. He informed us he was newly married and was actually here with his wife's permission. From there he launched into an excellent dissection of differing Olympic sports, covering those that required physical exertion to those that simply relied upon the efforts of others, such as equestrian events. Who should get the gold medal? His solo show Hot Nonsense runs from 19 January at the Rechabite.

Simone Springer was next up. She is one of the cast of Mums Big Night Out, a self evident exploration of that event. Springer riffed about her recent tour "up North", her experience as a nanny, ADHD kids and closed with her take on dating apps, with particularly hilarious gags about tradies and their sexual performance.

After a quick intro from Matt Storer, Joe White took the stage. A lithe and elegant Etheopian, he won enormous audience approval with his clever anecdotes about family life as new Australians. The fact that the government gave his mm an allowance for her six children lead to a belief she had sold them, was beautifully embroidered upon. His solo show, Ethiopian and Still Not Hungry will be a knockout.

Colin Ebsworth was next up. He appeared as a flannel shirted bogan but his comedy output and history is remarkable. For this show his output was limited to chat about television shows such as Who Dares Wins and the undisputedly gay, in his opinion, Bananas in Pyjamas. Amusing stuff but his solo show, Me, My Cult and I, looks fascinating and has won multiple awards.

Daniell Delby followed with an outrageously clever R&B love song which he composed onstage with the help of an audience member co-opted from the front row. After a quick interrogation of the coincidentally named Danny, he was armed with enough information, to work up an ultra groovy rap number. Brilliant timing, great moves. His solo shows 33 Years Single and Date Night are worth exploring.

Next up was Andrew Wolfe, an eccentric woolly haired character in a loudly patterned shirt, whose material was delivered at breakneck speed. Successful stockbroker by day – professional comedian by night. He discussed male ugliness, depression as a result of this, plastic surgery and other solutions. He was well received but I found his pace of delivery rendered him inaudible at times. His other show is the Crushers Comedy Gala at The Rechabite.

Next was Emo Majok, a boy from Etheopia via South Sudan and Kenya and ultimately Perth. Emo began comedy wth his childhood friend Joe White as Black vs White. He gave a delightful riff on changing suburbs up from Mirrabooka to Maylands. Another gem was the parental rebuke "Finish your dinner, there are starving children in Africa ... etc,etc" and then the white version. Hysterical.

The final surprise comedian was Claire Hooper. She was a relaxed alternative to the earlier acts as she mused about staying with her parents while in Perth, her NZ husband of 16 years and her experience working on cruise ships. This she cleverly linked to less than pleasant experiences sharing a bath with one of her small daughters. Her new solo show So Proud, 24 to 28 January will be worth a look.

WA Comedy All Stars was a worthwhile night of wit and fun to kick off the Fringe World Festival, with a heap of good shows to look forward to!

Event details

2024 Perth Fringe World
WA Comedy All Stars

Venue: Heath Ledger Theatre | State Theatre Centre, 176 William St, Perth, WA
Dates: 21 January 2024
Visit: fringeworld.com.au

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