Above – Gill Cordiner

Cordiner cut a diminutive figure in the tiny backroom of the Belgian Beer Cafe. Her Scottish brogue was noticeable but thankfully not so strong as to be in comprehensible.

Initially she explained that the show Pinky Swears is about truths, half-truths and downright lies.

Cordiner is a charming storyteller and her performance is really an intimate conversation between her and her audience. She weaves a series of anecdotes into a one-woman amusing narrative about her childhood, her first and second husbands and how she ended up in Western Australia. Early on she challenges us to separate the truth from the one tale that is a lie.

Alongside Cordiner onstage is an easel holding a series of large. slightly amateurish drawings which she uses to illustrate her various escapades. These range from a kangaroo, a male head displaying a "mullet" hairstyle, a rescue dog ("he's a wee bit manky isn't he?"), a uniformed Scout leader, to a nude man with a brown paper bag over his head.

Then there is a picture of a badger, which Cordiner uses to explain her youthful style of attracting male attention. "I mean a badger is a much nicer term than a cougar isn't it?" Various much younger men mentioned include an Irish stud and an Italian ski instructor.

Subsequently Cordiner reveals a family secret that only her grandmother will discuss; that is that she is related to a three time convicted drug smuggler. Generously she provides his full name so we, the audience, can google him and enjoy his complete ineptitude.

Another hilarious tale covers a school survival exercise in which Cordiner, and two boys are expected to overnight in a tent and forage for food. She is the only one to actively undertake this exercise with barely edible, not very pleasant results.

Cordiner rounded off the hour long chatty conversation with a few quick sketches of audience members who volunteered as subjects.

Her efforts were well received by the small Tuesday evening audience.

Event details

2024 Perth Fringe World
Pinky Swears
Gill Cordiner

Venue: Multiple venue – check the website for details
Dates: 19 January – 18 February 2024
Tickets: $26
Bookings: fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/gill-cordiner-pinky-swears-fw2024


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