Dr Ahmed Kazmi is a real life clinician and an award winning comedian and cabaret artist.

He has given other shows in Perth and I would hazard a guess that a large proportion of the audience had seen him before and had come back for a second helping. 

His style is slick and speedy in retelling series of events that happened to him during his search for a life partner.

There is pathos as well and the result is a nifty presentation in which he involves members of the audience in a completely charming manner. Kindly is a word that springs to mind. There is none of the sarcastic "sending up" so beloved by lesser comics.

Kazmi sets the tone for a convivial chat with his audience and indulges in fair bit of gentle self mockery. The stage is bare apart from a solo stool and a bench on which several blazers are folded waiting for Kazmi to swiftly slip into and a sinuous scarf for later business.

We are taken on a tour of Kazmi's fairly disastrous efforts with Tinder and it's gay equivalent Grindr before he decides to change hunting grounds and move to England. This ultimately proves successful and after a series of successful dates his amorata proposes.

This is the cue for Kazmi to finally launch into the extremely complicated arrangements to create the perfect wedding for himself and his fiance.

Firstly there are hurdles to tackle such as how to break the news to his mother, siblings and other family. Kazmi is a talented mimic and carried off a series of telephone conversations with his mother, his Aunty Sheila in Canada and Yasmin, his therapist. His gay mannerisms were hilarious and used to great effect.

Luckily Kazmi is posessed of extraordinary organizational ability and had indeed created a Pinterest page with masses of information at the ready! However meticulous plans go oft astray and this particular wedding has hiccups aplenty.

An M.C. missing in action, a "grooms maid" in a self destructing sari and caterers who think mousaka involves chickpeas. By this stage the whole theatre was literally rocking with laughter.

There was plenty of light and shade in this production. Another highlight was the reading of his wedding speech. An extremely moving moment.

Not only is Kazmi a talented actor, his comic timing is impeccable and he is posessed of a fine singing voice. He demonstrated this in a wonderful rendition of Non je ne regrette rien.

The evening was a tour de force!

Event details

2024 Perth Fringe World
Dr Ahmed Gets Hitched: My Big Fat Gay Greek Pakistani Wedding
Ahmed Kazmi

Venue: Subiaco Arts Centre | 180 Hamersley Rd, Subiaco, WA
Dates: 2 & 3 February 2024
Tickets: $45
Bookings: fringeworld.com.au

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