Pack your dirty thoughts and your dirty secrets and get yourself to Briefs: Dirty Laundry. Fez Faanana as director and Mark Winmill as principal creative once again bring to the stage a show that unites us under our differences through biting wit, staggering physical feats and humour that highlights our humanity.

Dirty Laundry is a response to the COVID lock downs. A time that was experienced by all, but was different for each and every one of us. As some of us got angry, some of us worked on ourselves, some of us learnt to bake but we all went through it and our dirty laundry was aired with those who shared our walls whether we liked it or not.

The cast of Briefs took their experiences and tailored them into a form of expression that must have been extraordinarily cathartic. They use their craft to process their experiences and the result is a show that takes you on a journey through unique experiences that are built on very raw and real emotions.

Thomas Worrell's performance was exceptional. His aerial hoop performance was the only time the audience didn't clap, whoop or holler. We were too captivated. His body carved a song through the air. Each single moment a pitch perfect note and the movements between them a melody. His performance reaches its crescendo and his body becomes a galaxy. A spectacular blur, like looking into the Milky Way. Celestial flesh and stars and light and endless possibility.

Mark Winmill’s contrasting piece saw the audience calling out with great revelry as we watched Winmill, Luke Hubbard and Dylan Rodriguez as trashy, bawdy humans out on the town. There is jostling, booze spillage and boob slapping. Everything a long night out needs. But there is also talent. They make it look haphazard and chaotic but that is the skill. Then Windmill’s hula hoop is set alight. His deft ability sees him dancing with the flames. So close to his bare skin it should scorch him but never in the same place long enough to do so. There is heat in this performance and Winmill’s stage presence is arresting. 

Dale Woodridge-Brown’s performance is a hard act to swallow. Literally. I won't spoil it as I think knowing would diminish the reaction but be prepared for some breath work as you laugh so hard it hurts, gasp in disbelief, then hold your breath as you wait to see what happens.

Brett Rosengreen and Rowan Thomas both showed immense talent with striptease on giant hoops and a soapy performance that was anything but clean.

The costume and prop designs were as clever and playful as the performances. Bubbles were strategically placed and paired with a white sheer cape that split in two ballooning out creating the illusion of floating and flying. The neon fishnet bodysuits, the hot pink bedazzled jacket and all of Fez’s outfits were gorgeous.

If you went looking for a show that only glittered then you are out of luck because Briefs always cuts deeper than that. They scratch the surface for you but they will leave you feeling more connected to each other than when you went in. Fez’s Acknowledgement of Country was meaningful, and genuine and unlike most you will hear. His final words about getting home safe to our loved ones hits home and leaves you with a warm soul that pairs nicely with your humoured heart. This show is not to be missed.

Event details

Sydney Spiegeltent
Dirty Laundry

Director Fez Faanana

Venue: Sydney Spiegeltent | The Entertainment Quarter: 122 Lang Rd, Moore Park NSW 2021
Dates: 20 February 2024 – 15 March 2024
Tickets: $40 – $110

Part of the 2024 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras


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