Zoe Coombs Marr has always included a lot of personal material in her work, but her new show, Every Single Thing In My Whole Entire Life, takes autobiographical content to the next level.

It’s surprising, then, that the show starts and ends with vomit. There’s also a healthy serving of poo and wee. And references to suicide. But Coombs Marr is good at creating a safe space and reading her audience, so even those with a sensitive stomach – or disposition – should feel safe, most of the time at least.

After a bit of a wild introduction, peppered with rides down rabbit holes and trips along tangents, Coombs Marr introduces the software at the core of her show: a stunning spreadsheet that cross-references every (remembered) experience in her life.

It’s heaven on a stick for those with a data obsession, and hellishly funny whatever your relationship with technology. The winning ingredient is that Coombs Marr can focus on any entry in this gargantuan document and rattle off a story behind it. She ties all the minutiae together with random links and repeating themes, which is another of her great strengths.

It’s like a party trick on steroids, and she invites the audience to pick the next entry, so the show can vary every night.

Scattered among the stories is a constant flow of cultural references, like the adult jokes to a Simpsons episode, so it’s easy to feel either heartened that you got the joke, or worried you just missed something.

Then at about three-quarter time it all starts to get a bit loose and chaotic before being pulled together in a hectic finale that almost loses its bearings.

From winning the Most Outstanding Show at the 2016 MICF, to her recent work as creator, writer and host of ABC’s Queerstralia, Coombs Marr has built a well-deserved, solid fan base, who are turning out in droves for this show – and it seems a lot of them love spreadsheets.

Event details

2024 Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Every Single Thing In My Whole Entire Life
by Zoe Coombs Marr

Venue: Melbourne Town Hall - Powder Room | 100 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC
Dates: 28 March – 21 April 2024
Tickets: $39 – $30
Bookings: 03 9245 3788 | www.comedyfestival.com.au

Suitable for audiences 15+ | This show contains: Occasional coarse language and suicide references.

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