Above – Mel O'Brien, Justin Grey, Lincoln Elliot, Bailey Dunnage, Karis Oca. Cover – Mel O'Brien and cast. Photos – Prudence Upton

A roller coaster of rock n roll, rap, ballad and a little bit of torch, Ride the Cyclone is an hour and a half of big dipper thrills and cathartic confession.

Six choristers from a Canadian secondary college are killed when the roller coaster they’re travelling on, The Cyclone, malfunctions and flings them to their deaths.

Arriving in an amusement park limbo, they are confronted by an artificial intelligence fortune teller, Karnak (voiced by Pamela Rabe),  who announces that one of them will be returned to life if consensus is achieved by unanimous vote of the others.

Which of the six will succeed in securing a second chance to live?

Will it be alpha female over achiever Ocean O’Connell Rosenberg (Karis Oka), progeny of a Catholic Jewish union and Darwinian poster girl? Or her bestie, Constance Blackwood (Mel O’Brien), whose catchphrase is Sorry and who harbours a secret spawned soon before the fatal crash.

Maybe it will be oppressed gay man, Noel Gruber (Bailey Dunnage), whose penchant for Marlene Dietrich is palpable in his glitz and glamour lament, That Fucked Up Girl. Or Mischa Bachinski (Lincoln Elliott), Ukranian migrant and budding hip hop star, angry, confused, culturally split between traditional homeland and his present place on earth.

Perhaps it will be Ricky Potts (Justin Gray), sci fi fantasist, space age bachelor man and potential alien. Finally, there’s Jane Doe (Ava Madon) whose head was decapitated in the accident, causing amnesia and offering no clue to the facial recognition.

All is revealed as we take the scenic railway journey into the inner lives of these victims, their hopes and aspirations and motivations.

Ride the Cyclone is a musical metaphor for life itself, the high and lows, the expected and the unexpected, the thrills and spills.

A broad canvass of singing styles, musical direction by Victoria Falconer and quirky choreography courtesy of Shannon Burns allows a rich palette of talent to shine.

Directed by Richard Carroll with a fabulous set design by Benjamin BrockmanRide the Cyclone is further testament to Hayes Theatre’s commitment to producing exciting and entertaining musical works.

Event details

Hayes Theatre Co presents
Ride the Cyclone
book, music, lyrics Jacob Richmond and Brooke Maxwell

Director Richard Carroll

Venue: Hayes Theatre Co | 19 Greenknowe Ave, Potts Point NSW
Dates: 23 May – 22 June 2024
Tickets: $64 – $89
Bookings: www.hayestheatre.com.au | (02) 8065 7337

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