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16 - 22 June, 2024
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  • Sunset Boulevard
    Opera Australia and GWB Entertainment have delivered a beautifully realised, fully staged original take of this musical that is now as iconic as the film on which it was based.
  • Lose To Win | Belvoir
    That Mandela Mathia is alive and has made it to Australia is a testament to luck and extraordinary resilience. That this young NIDA-trained actor’s life story is now a play in Belvoir Theatre’s 2024 Season is a celebration of refugees making a new, successful life for themselves.
  • The Three Countertenors
    Adam Lopez has an astral, crystaline purity, Tobias Merz sounds like burnished silver, and Hartley Newnham like rolled gold.
  • Asylum | Ruth Fingret
    The empire of empathy is under siege from by the book bureaucracy and a federal government official who has been emotionally battered, bruised and baffled by a delinquent spouse and an equally delinquent son in Ruth Fingret’s Asylum.
  • TINA – The Tina Turner Musical
    Whatever your particular taste in music, this is an amazing piece of theatre not to be missed.