Three dancers in masquerade
The Woman in Black

17 June 2024

This is a play that begins with a focus on the process of acting and in the hands of these two outstanding performers, the layering of the narrative against the work they are actually doing, for real, is utterly joyful.
CHICAGO the Musical

15 June 2024

With sassy humour and dazzling routines, Chicago deals with the heady intersection of murder and celebrity, with a dose of corruption and adultery thrown into the mix.
In These Shoes | Glynis Traill-Nash

13 June 2024

Dropping designer names like confetti at a wedding, she regaled the capacity audience with anecdotes about her various international jaunts to cover new season’s collections.
Club Vegas The Spectacle

4 June 2024

Club Vegas is a whole lot of everything as it showcases style over substance in its crowded, amusing potluck of offerings. 
Sunset Boulevard

1 June 2024

Opera Australia and GWB Entertainment have delivered a beautifully realised, fully staged original take of this musical that is now as iconic as the film on which it was based.
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  • Smash It | Circus Oz
    This kooky show is intergenerational mayhem at its finest, with cast members representing millennial, Gen Zs, Baby Boomers and everything in between.
  • Luzia | Cirque du Soleil
    Luzia is a jumble of imagery all wrapped up in spectacular environments that include a vertical waterfall raining down like a tapestry on a loom and a plunge pool for an aerialist to thrash in and out of.
  • Grease the Musical
    This production of Grease the Musical was playful, powerful and polished and it gave me a whole new appreciation for the story and the characters.
  • I Wish | Patch Theatre and Gravity & Other Myths
    I Wish... is a masterful piece of theatre that uses colour and movement to communicate the complex world of emotions to young audiences.
  • Gear | Tom Gleeson
    Tom Gleeson knows his considerable strengths and isn’t shy about reminding you, but is smart enough to turn his shortcomings into a jibe at the audience and use that as material, too.

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