Macbeth (an undoing) | Malthouse Theatre

16 July 2024

What transcends however, is a confused production that is one half Shakespeare, one half soap-opera that barely manages to scratch the surface of the original text.  
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? | Red Stitch

10 July 2024

The crushing barbs come thick and fast between these two from the moment they appear in in the box seats above.
The Boy From Oz | Theatrical

9 July 2024

 It’s both an entertaining and moving story that aptly depicts the passion and joy Allen brought to the stages he performed on.
Dracula | Sydney Theatre Company

8 July 2024

It’s hard not to gush like a punctured artery over the awesome artistry on show in Dracula, the latest, and arguably greatest, production in the Kip Williams’ cine-theatre universe.
Tina – The Tina Turner Musical

7 July 2024

There are so many poignant scenes, so many stories along the way, so many loves and losses in Tina's life, to bring her to the musical genius and legend she became.
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  • Sunset Boulevard
    Opera Australia and GWB Entertainment have delivered a beautifully realised, fully staged original take of this musical that is now as iconic as the film on which it was based.
  • Lose To Win | Belvoir
    That Mandela Mathia is alive and has made it to Australia is a testament to luck and extraordinary resilience. That this young NIDA-trained actor’s life story is now a play in Belvoir Theatre’s 2024 Season is a celebration of refugees making a new, successful life for themselves.
  • The Three Countertenors
    Adam Lopez has an astral, crystaline purity, Tobias Merz sounds like burnished silver, and Hartley Newnham like rolled gold.
  • Asylum | Ruth Fingret
    The empire of empathy is under siege from by the book bureaucracy and a federal government official who has been emotionally battered, bruised and baffled by a delinquent spouse and an equally delinquent son in Ruth Fingret’s Asylum.
  • TINA – The Tina Turner Musical
    Whatever your particular taste in music, this is an amazing piece of theatre not to be missed.

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