Lachlan Wilde’s World of Wonders magic show takes his audience on a trip around the world through a few major cities, and through the eyes of magic, and magic it is.

Starting with the tale of his first stop in Abu Dhabi the young magician engages his audience from the get-go with his charm, chit-chat, and a stealthy Scorpion trick.

Wilde then flits from major city to major city recounting travel tips, and interweaving relevant magic tricks to the gasps and applause of those watching on. A highlight is his stop in London and his trip to 622 Link Street. All is not as it seems. His segment on Jack the Ripper is intriguing, and humorous. (Sorry no spoiler alerts).

The stage setting is simple enough. The usual table with scattered odds and sods that are gathered for the ensuing tricks. Wilde is decked out in plain trousers, a sparkly but tasteful jacket and a dazzling Vivienne Westwood brooch which becomes part of one trick. Is it real or is it fake? Is anything real?

The truth behind Wilde’s tale of touring the world at age 21 may or may not be part of the trickery. The whole show creates a surreal air of mystery. This is no mean feat in an auditorium, aptly named the Houdini Theatre, but which is cavernous and plain. So, it’s up to this solo performer to create the warmth, mystery and “how did he do that” ambience so necessary for a magic show.

Wilde is a born magician. He has the charm, dexterity, and confidence to have the audience in the palm of his sleight of hand. It doesn’t really matter whether or not a 21-year-old really toured the world in the way that Wilde describes, or experienced the synchronistic events that he conveys with an air of awe. What does matter is whether he successfully entertains, intrigues and rouses the curiosity and wonder that is all part of putting on a show for the Melbourne Magic Festival, or any magic festival.

He does indeed create the magic through his clever tricks, charming personality and engaging stage presence.

Event details

2022 Melbourne Magic Festival
World of Wonders
Lachlan Wilde

Venue: The Houdini Theatre (Arrow on Swanston Street) | 488 Swanston Street, Carlton VIC
Dates: 08 – 09 July 2022
Tickets: $33 – $27


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